With three years of experience in Final Cut Pro, Wondershare Filmora 9, and imovie the videos I create are generally catered towards advertising and educational purposes. As a content creator, I find enjoyment in every stage of the filming process from storyboarding with a team to writing scripts, filming, and editing. I am a passionate artist motivated by creating impactful work to help or draw awareness to communities and meaningful issues around the world. See my contact information below and get in touch.

PWCS 2020 Promotional Video

The PWCS 2020 Promotional Video was created with the intention of increasing attention to the PWCS 2020 summit as well as unveil the summit’s theme of The Next 10 Years. As the writer, director, and editor of this video I led a team of five Penn artists to write and shoot the film in a timely manner and on a low budget. I believe in the importance of being a dependable creator who understands the importance of time, and designs with flexibility in mind that allows for future changes. The promotional video was released in both English and Mandarin to reach a larger audience.

PWCS Questions with Maurice Greenberg

Questions with Maurice Greenberg is a video created in order to increase awareness of the PWCS summit, and more importantly introduce some of the issues that will be discussed with world leaders at the event. Although I did not film this video myself, I was given the raw footage to edit to be more concise, and add a creative spin on it so that the material comes across as promotional footage rather than only informative. Understanding the importance of staying on budget, all external materials used to make this film such as the opening scenes and music are all sourced from free websites.

CHS Jastina’s Story

The video “Jastina’s Story” was led by the CHS professional film group, however students who were in advanced film classes could volunteer to take part in the creation process. I was one of the students who was active in the story boarding process, filming B-roll, and editing the film to correspond to the music. Working with a team of five students, I also took on the role of filming shorter subsequent interviews of students on financial aid and releasing it on the CHS Facebook and Instagram in order to spread more awareness of the program.

oQQur Silent Landing Video

In the summer of 2020, I interned for a startup working on a platform to share 360 degrees live tours around the world. Since the entire concept the business is based on is a little confusing, I worked on brainstorming a way to convey how the platform works through a silent promotional video. Actors were found and coordinated remotely, and this was the first time I edited a 360 degree video.

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